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how can i be of service?

+ tarot

tarot readings

1 hour at $111


my tarot reading style is based in an intuitive style of reading that combines symbolist awareness, traditional eastern european folk method, irish cartomancy, and the approach outlined in the work of pamela colman smith and arthur edward waite. readings often involve information about necessary psychomagical activities, supplemental healing work, specific herbs or flower essences, or crystalline energies that may be useful.


readings are available on an as-needed basis, or can be scheduled seasonally as part of charmed circle, my closed client network. email me for more information.

supplemental materials are available after the reading (photographs of spread, keywords and notes on what to do next).

in-person readings are offered at a variety of locations around the world, depending on where i am traveling, but i conduct 75% of readings via phone or zoom.

+ consultation

spiritual consultation

choose what is appropriate for you

​consultations may involve tarot interpretation, pastoral counsel, recommendations of stones or herbs, astrological investigation, psychomagical ritual instruction, or some combination of the above.

standard - at $111

discounted - one space/week is available at a discounted rate of $77 for increased accessibility

caritas - one space/month is available at a rate of $11 so that i can be in service to all people regardless of income level. please do not select this tier unless you genuinely cannot afford another tier.

check in - 30 minute appointment for regular clients in crisis at $55. one question, or examination of one particular situation.

birthday card! - 15 minutes at $22.00. the torch! a practice developed by olivia in conjunction with one of her tarot educators, the torch is a single card that is pulled on the querent's birthday that helps us navigate and govern the energy of their year. this consultation is brief. olivia will pull a card and offer a brief interpretation. this can take place over the phone, as a voicemail or by email, according to querent's preference. can also be purchased as a gift!

+ tutoring

tutoring+ instruction

starting at 30 minutes sessions

initial evaluation for 30 minutes at no cost. we will discuss what esoteric tutoring includes and get to know what your needs might be and how long we may wish to work together

tutoring in the mystic arts for 30 minute at $55 each session. tarot, crystals, ritual practice, esoterica - namely dreamwork, ancestral relations and intuitive plant work, astrological phenomena, and more. each lesson plan and the schedule for lessons is determined by students' experience level, needs, and availability. please book a free evaluation before selecting this service

office hours - i'm available at certain hours during the week, by donation, to answer quick questions about crystals, community-building, ghosts, theology, herbs, cards, dream interpretation, etc. if you don't need a full interpretation or a prolonged tutoring relationship, but you still want to get access at my brain, consider doing it this way. suggested donation per question is $11

+ star charts

star charts

i am an experimental, intuitive astrologer who has studied antero alli’s astrologik system and medical astrology with will morris, among many other instructors and areas of focus. i work within a system elegantly called, by alli, rob brezsny and others, “free will astrology” - the idea that star charts are mutable, interpretable maps of possible ways of being, more like sketches than stamped blueprints.


i’m especially fond of reinterpreting the maligned planets saturn and pluto, and i enjoy working with the asteroids to examine under-recognized feminine aspects in natal horoscopes.


i enjoy doing natal personality readings and projecting annual transits, and i also especially enjoy looking at synastry in families.


i read tropical whole sign houses.


natal chart readings are available as audio recordings, or live via the phone or zoom.

+ ritual


i offer private tutoring and consulting in ritualized living. dominant culture has moved so far away from the virtues and values that we need to feel fully engaged in our material lives. we are enmeshed in distraction, destruction, materialism, temporality, and self-ignorance. we suffer from the burdens of late capitalism, a lack of community, thwarted creativity, and empty or unsatisfying spiritual pursuits.

personalized rituals that i help conduct or facilitate are constructed on a case-by-case basis and are not always available. generally speaking, i am informed of which clients to work with via dreamwork and prayer, and no amount of material world influence can change my decision. still, if you feel called, you are welcome to contact me with interest, but remember that this work takes place outside the conventional realms of capitalist industry; therefore, requests may not be met according to a typical service model.


ritual works in which i have expertise include trauma recovery, addiction alleviation, wedding ceremonies, welcoming circles for infants and young children, ceremonies for safety, forgiveness work, gender transition, funerary and memorial services, house blessings.


i do not perform exorcisms or lift curses for clients i have not worked with extensively, and i do not cast hexes for clients.


i also provide simple instruction in learning how to have a more ritualized life experience, which i believe is essential to joy and satisfaction. i have helped clients construct prayer practices, ancestors altars, dreamwork routines, ritual ornamentation efforts, and more.

one concept i work extensively within is what i call indigenous futurism: toward a world where we can experience strong community, strong sense of self, deep story; alongside all of the advancements of the aquarian age.

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