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my name is

olivia ephraim pepper

i am a writer, philosopher, folk healer, 

spiritual activist, storyteller, multi-disciplinary artist and mystic. in addition to fictions and theory, i study and write about tarot, astrology, and folk magic. my work is liminal, spanning a multitude of perspectives.

i was born in the wilderness and raised communally by anarchist parents who encouraged me to question society’s dominant attitudes and approaches, and this outsider’s way of relating has brought me unique struggles and great gifts.


i have navigated the world in a variety of forms: amateur lepidopterist, gallerist, newspaper reporter, herbalist, folklorist, activist, assistant to ghost hunters, storyteller, film actor, professional muse, and more. my ways of identifying in the world are nebulous, and i prefer it that way: to rise above and beyond the self, to merge with a sense of boundlessness, even while stationed in the material world.


within the material world we have responsibilities to be good ancestors for the generations that are to come, as well as to reconcile the pain of those who have departed. my work, all of it, centers on this principle.

what i do

springs from a diverse array of sources and training.​


i have been blessed to have many remarkable teachers and elders in the fields of tarot, astrology, shamanic work, anti-oppression training, ritual theater, and general mysticism. i was apprenticed as a witch at an early age and strive to honor my teachers and walk the path they illuminated before me. my continued education also comes from the profound and significant labors undertaken by those in my immediate community: by colleagues, friends and clients.

being unschooled created in me a passion for knowledge and information that is central to my being. i view every situation i am in as a lesson, and i am constantly employing investigation and critical thinking (virgo sun/scorpio rising).

i am honored to work with all sorts of clients, and make no restrictions about who can obtain my services. for those who are financially disadvantaged, I offer several spots every month at reduced rates. i have happily provided many readings for speakers of languages other than english (including asl) but at this time i ask that clients provide their own translators.

+ about me
+ about my work


a percentage of my income​ every month


3% of my income goes to supporting community members of my choosing, usually mystics and artists, typically through patreon or fundraisers. 7% goes to an indigenous organization that is local to where i am working. for much of 2018, while i am based in the beautiful puget sound region, this will be lushootseed research, an organization “dedicated to sustaining lushootseed language and culture to enhance cross-cultural knowledge, wisdom and relations, as shared and celebrated by the first peoples of puget sound, through research, recording, publishing and the presentation of oral traditions and literature.” i dedicate an additional 11% of my income to a different charity every moon cycle.

+ tithing
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