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“olivia has been one of the most important teachers i've had the privilege of working with and learning from. her dedication to her craft as well as the integrity and sincerity she brings to all that she does is truly remarkable. olivia has a heart of gold, through and through. #truestory”

sophia rose

“all of the facets of olivia pepper's practice fit together into a sparkling jewel. her story-telling leaves me rapt during and contemplating afterwards. when she tells me of my own story using tarot i get the same feeling. she uses the cards to give an honest reflection of the patterns in my life which she delivers with compassion. everything she touches has a mysterious magic about it.”

mary cotterman

“olivia is amazing—she’s been my tarot card reader for over six years now, and, though i’ve consulted numerous psychics, readers, and intuitives in my life, olivia is the only one i have consulted more than once. i find her guidance, prescience, and intuition invaluable, her readings powerful and revealing. olivia has helped me recognize and break harmful patterns, see with much greater clarity and depth the present landscape of my life, end abusive relationships, transition smoothly across jobs and cities—more than anything, olivia gives me considerable insight into myself, my potential, and my personal power. i know she cares deeply about me, and about all her clients, and uses her abilities to help, and to heal, with tremendous skill and empathy.”


marlon paine

“olivia is deeply versed in magic. her sharp mind and patient heart have been very influential on me. i've both lived and worked with her, and gleaned a lot from just being in her presence. a deep devotion to community underpins her detailed imaginings whether it is holding space for art engagement, giving wise counsel, keeping folk traditions alive, or just extending a kind gesture. drawing from a vast wealth of both esoteric knowledge and practical wisdom, she is a rare force in service to the world.”

emi tomoko

“olivia pepper's continuous devotion to truth and beauty is at once medicinal and enchanting. through her connection to the divine, she facilitates societal transformation and personal healing. her commitment to higher knowledge extends beyond the pale of existing institutions; the wisdom she shares provides blueprints for future schools, governments and religions that will foster a gentler, stronger and more balanced world. olivia's tarot work has helped me trust and harness my intuition. her writing provides me spiritual nourishment and faith in universal love. i am endlessly grateful for her presence, knowledge and generosity.”

aditi ohri

“whether i'm working on paintings, curating a show, brainstorming, or trying to fix a fucked up romance, i always try to get olivia's input. she is a true muse and a scholar, always helping me remember why i do what i do.”

alex diamond

“my name is brandi perkins. i am an energetic herbalists and yoga instructor. i first met olivia when she was a teacher at the wildflower school of botanical medicine. she was leading plant meditations and using tarot. it was so memorably enjoyable, it certainly influenced the development of my sensing intuition in plant medicine. i continued to show up at moon Language story circles and hear stories told by olivia and others correlating to the moon and lessons of the themed astrological configuration.  to keep it short and sweet, we developed a friendship. she continued to be a guide through love. a friend and a mentor, she provided some counseling for me me with both business and relationships. for where i am in my heart today, I thank her. she is the main person to teach me about compassion and holding space for others. we have worked together on a few things, a yoga and tarot class series in the major arcana being one. it was so pleasant and i learned so very much.  i am very grateful to have olivia pepper not only in my life, but doing amazing and important work in the world. her life is greatly appreciated.”

brandi jo perkins

“olivia's work has been absolutely indispensable to me in my personal and professional life, most intensively and helpfully in the intersection between the two. olivia's gifts combine clarity and reason with deep sensitivity and compassion. this rare synthesis of the rational and emotional realms is found in everything she does and gives a profound and holistic quality to her work, no matter the modality. thus her tarot readings are not just a decontextualized interpretation of the cards, but a thoughtful and thorough analysis taking into account what meaning the cards have in light of the querent's emotional and psychic state. likewise, her consultations go far beyond the material circumstances presented but consider the often-invisible internal processes that underlie those circumstances. we have a tendency to compartmentalize in modern society, often to our own detriment - the professional and personal realms, the realms of the heart and of the mind, the realms of the masculine and the feminine and beyond. we are taught to identify with one or the other, to keep them separate, but in reality the condition of one is inextricably dependent on the other. olivia's remarkable perceptivity, tempered by her empathy and gentleness, allow her to effortlessly segue from one realm to the other, uniting aspects of being that are continuous with each other but are treated as fractured and separate. this unusual combination of rationality and sensitivity, two qualities which sometimes seem at odds with each other, has secured her place in my life as a confidant, as trusted counsel, and one of my dearest and truest friends. she is possessed of a rare and deep wisdom, the value of which has been inestimable to me on numerous occasions.”


so han fan

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