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intensives, lectures and online education

court cards of the tarot

starts nov 14, 16 week course

the court cards (or honorifics, as i call them) are one of the most complicated aspects of tarotlogy. as this set of cards is notoriously difficult to interpret (and often laden with frustrating symbols of imperialism and regressive gender roles) many people find them alienating. but these can be some of the most personal and valuable tools in any tarotlogist's toolkit, and i'm ready to give you an in-depth introduction to each of these personalities.


16 weeks! one hour every week, dedicated to an in-depth discussion of each of the honorific forces: or, as they are commonly called, the pages, knights, queens and kings. we will discuss: physical traits, temperaments and doshas; zodiac alignment; timelines and types of events indicated; personality quirks of each honorific; how to tell who in a querent's life is being indicated; historical figures and literary characters that might match up with these cards.


a correspondence sheet will go out each week along with an invitation to a live zoom call (recorded for those who cannot be in live attendance).


COST: $333 for entire class // payment plan four monthly payments of $88 each // individual classes available on a drop-in basis for $33

rainbow serpent dreamer society

starts nov 12, 6 weeks, $99

i was directed in a series of very vivid dreams to lead this class and to introduce everyone to the hall of the rainbow serpent. it was to happen as the northern hemisphere approached the darkest times, and so it is. my dreaming practice has always defined my mystical approach to the world; i have been dreaming hard since i was a baby and it has undoubtedly augmented my relationship with consensus reality. it is my belief that knowing how to make one's way in the dreamtime is deeply connected with knowing how to make one's way in waking life, and, likely, how to make one's way in death. oneirology (dream studies) is a crucial component to knowing ourselves and our path.


but what if you can't or don't dream, or what if you're afraid for your sanity and/or emotional wellbeing? what if you grew up in a culture that shames you for relating to dreams in a deep way? what if you have nightmares? what if you lay in bed with your smartphone until 2am leaking blue light into your retinas? what if you live in late capitalism and you're addicted to being busy?


take six weeks to be with other dreamers and see how conscious dreaming can change the entire world.


subjects explored in this class will include:

+recall techniques and suggestions for deepening

+approaches to lucidity

+oneirological folklore and tradition from around the world

+prescribed herbal and mineral support to enhance dreaming

+weekly prompts delivered by email (mondays)

+weekly conversations with fellow dreamers (friday afternoons)

+forums to share and interpret dreamings

six live zoom classes (will be recorded for those unable to join live): november 16, 23, 30 and december 7, 14, 21


six weekly emails with prompts and ideas: november 12, 19, 26 and december 3, 10, 17


forums accessible constantly via google classroom for interacting with other students and sharing dreams

attune your heart to an older way: ancestral remediation

starts sep 24, 6 week course, $99

for people of mixed/european descent. in time for the season of ancestors, we will explore and discuss modes of honoring and remediating ancestral spirit sickness. i will offer brief assignments and inspiration sent by email on mondays, sept 24-october 29, with zoom classes on fridays sept 28-november 2 from 3-4 pacific time (recordings available). there will be a focus on altar building for all soul’s day, but ancestor veneration, recovering traditions and making amends for legacies of white violence will also be discussed. students will have an opportunity to discuss familial histories, ask questions, share traditions. some knowledge of where your ancestors hail from is beneficial but not necessary. 

tarot mastery course

starts sep 26, 22 weeks

$484 early registration, $848 after

a 22 week course focusing on the aether arcana of the tarot, beginning with the fool on wednesday, sept 26. videos/recordings sent out each week and a longer live discussion on the last saturday of every month, from 11-1pm pacific time, recording provided if you’re not able to make discussions. early registration is open until september 19!

venus vulnerary

starts oct 5, 4 week course, $33

healing wounds of sexuality and partnership during venus retrograde in scorpio & libra toppling the patriarchy by healing ourselves


+focusing on: body sovereignty/boundaries, forgiveness and release of past partners, and cultivating confident abundance in whatever you wish


+open to women and those on the femme spectrum (trans women and foc nonbinary folks welcome) - we will be talking about cultural programming for women

lunar sabbats package

through beltane: full and new moon observations, and holy days on the wheel of the year, beginning sept 25 with the full moon in aries. these are short rituals, astrological observances and prayers that are delivered by email on the morning of the moon phase or holy day in question. $35/mo or $222 bundle.

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